What we do & why we do it

From the earliest stages of wedding planning all the way past “I do” we provide a personalized website that makes it easy for you to communicate to your guest’s and showcase all the photo’s and videos of your wedding. We do this because we know wedding planning is stressful, and that communicating and showcasing all your photos and video with 50 – 500 guests is a daunting task for anyone. We saw a need to make it simple for you, and that’s why we do it.


Why Choose us?


Right now, you are in the planning stages, you have to find a photographer, videography, a million other things, and figure out how to communicate with your guests. We handle your photography, videography, and provide you a way to communicate with your guests through your very own personalized website. And we make it simple for you.


Show it Off!

It’s always baffled us as to why people spend thousands on wedding videography and photography then keep it all on a DVD and Photobook. We offer you a personalized website for you to share all those wonderful photo’s and videos!


Enjoy Yourself!

You should enjoy every aspect of your wedding. And not just your wedding day. But the preparation as well. The dress and tux fittings, the cake tasting, the venue scouting, all that stuff! We make it possible for you to focus on the more enjoyable, stress free aspects of your wedding.



We make you feel at ease with courteous top of the line service.


Our History

The founders Josh Smith and Tony Strader have been best friends since the age of 12. Tony went to college for web design and Josh went for video production. After graduation both pursued their passions, Josh freelanced his video production services, Tony freelanced his Web and multimedia skills. Eventually Josh found a niche in Wedding videos and Tony became the head web guru for Splendid Bridal. It didn’t take long before the idea of Wedding Bells media came to be. A one stop shop to handle all your wedding media needs, and give you a way to communicate all your beautiful photos and videos with your loved ones through a personal website.