Before you realize, your big day will be here and then it will be gone. You’ll be glad you chose Wedding Bells Media LLC to capture and preserve your wedding day. It is our hope that this section will help you better understand the standards of the wedding industry, so that you can make the best decision.


  • How do I choose a wedding videographer or photographer?

    There are three things to consider when choosing.

    1. You have to enjoy their work, their style must fit your preference. Ask to see their best shot wedding and their worst shot wedding. This way you can tell if someone is a professional or just an amatuer with a few good photos and video shots.
    2. You have to enjoy them. This is the person who is going to be present for your most intimate moments on your biggest day. If you don’t feel a connection of trust, or your personalities just don’t match, move on. You’ll be happy that you did.
    3. Pricing. This is the most uncomfortable to talk about but it is also the most necessary. Professionals don’t work for free, and you should not expect them to do so. That being said, all prices should be upfront with you. There should be absolutely no hidden fees. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about pricing. If they say “it depends on the need of the client” that’s a red flag, you should immediately start asking for references from past clients
  • Why would I want a wedding website?

    This is one we hear a lot. So to make it simple we give two reasons.

    1. Sharing. Imagine a beautiful wedding album and an emotional wedding video that you can share with your loved ones anytime, anyplace, on any device.
    2. Communication. A wedding website can help you communicate with your guests. You can send out notices, suggestions on places to stay, directions to the reception, your registry, online rsvp, save money on postage, etc.
  • Can’t I just use a free service to make a wedding website?

    You absolutely can. Will it be limited in it’s ability? Yes. Can you send out emails to everyone on the mailing list? No. Will it be personalized? No. Will you have to maintain it? Yes. Will you have trouble shooting problems? Absolutely.

    Think of it this way. You could use your digital camera, give it to a friend and say “here take my wedding pictures.” presto! free wedding pictures. Or (as you would prefer) hire a professional to do it right, make it memorable, and enjoyable. The same can be said for a wedding website. There are free options for everything today. But there’s a difference between free and professional.

  • Why can’t I have my uncle and best friend shoot my wedding?

    No body is saying your Uncle with a new handycam and your best friend with a digital camera can’t shoot your wedding. But WE will recommend they don’t. Unless they happen to be a professional the results and quality may not be what you hope for or expect. Remember, it’s the person behind the camera that does the shooting. We suggest you hire a professional, that have expereince shooting weddings and know the nuances of what to expect and how to get great shots.

  • How far in advance should should I book?

    As soon as possible. There are weddings every weekend in Cincinnati. Professional vendors are booked quickly, normally for every weekend of the year. Don’t delay on booking your date.

  • Can you hold my date?

    No, we do not hold dates. We only reserve your date when the contract has been signed and a 40% reservation fee has been paid.  Always assume another wedding couple is looking to book us for your date as well.

  • If I book the photographer now and pay the reservation fee will the videographer hold the date as well?

    No, you only book the date and the services you pay for. We only use a few trusted photographers and only one head videographer. Many times a couple will just want to book a photographer, or just a videographer. Book the services you want, for the day you want as soon as you can.

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