We’ve all been there. You know, those pesky things called responsibilities. Many are great and are necessary for our journey to adulthood. They can be painful but also rewarding, sometimes at the same time. But the most encumber some attribute of responsibilities is that they require time. Between our professional, social, and family responsibilities it’s hard to throw anything else in the mix. But alas, you and the love of your life have discovered each other and you want to share that with the rest of your close friends and family through the form of a ceremony and a party. So for those who are in the midst of planning such an event know how hard it is to find time to coordinate the logistics and make big decisions on the style of the wedding. So how do you find time?

Well that’s why this post exists. Will it have all the answers? No. But the goal is to put things perspective and to offer some advice on how to narrow down your vendors and be happy with your decision.

The Necessary vendors

Remember perspective. What do you need first? If you said photographer, you’re wrong. What you need is a venue. It’s seems like common sense, but many couples have approached Wedding Bells Media, only to realize they can’t book us. Not because they don’t want to, but because we and other vendors can’t. Wedding Bells Media has to know the “when,” and so does every other vendor.

So first, choose your locations. You can book any type of vendor you want next, below is a list of 5 necessary vendors ranked from our perspective of priority.

  1. Wedding caterer
  2. Wedding Photographer
  3. Wedding Videographer
  4. Wedding DJ
  5. Wedding Cake

So yes, it’s important to book these vendors but it’s equally important you enjoy them as professionals. With a few simple steps you can decide if a vendor is right for you. Say for instance you are looking for a photographer or videographer. Though we hope you choose Wedding Bells Media for your photography and videography, we suggest that you browse many talented photographers and videographers in the Cincinnati area. But only book appointments with three of them, the best way to narrow this down is by considering a few things.

  1. You should fall in love with their portfolio (if they are a caterer or baker they should have references).
  2. Their pricing should be in your budget.
  3. They should have your wedding day available for booking still.

After you’ve narrowed it down to three photographers and videographers by these criteria then book an appointment and at that point it’s up to you. But choose someone you like, someone that could actually be a friend of yours even if you were not getting married.

We are not saying this process works for everyone. Some people put more value on customer service, others on the quality of work. And budgets always plays a factor. The important thing is that you should feel complete confidence in the trust that you put into every vendor.

We hoped this post helped in some way, if you have any questions or comments feel free to comment below. And you can always contact us here!

Joshua Smith