Julie's RevealLet’s be honest here, most of us are not absurdly wealthy and do not have $10,000 let alone $100,000 to put towards a wedding. So naturally you want the most bang for your buck.  Well to do that you need to figure out a budget, take a good long hard look at your finances and be honest with yourself. But let’s say you can manage a budget of $20,000 (in the greater Cincinnati area the average is typically between $20,000 – $25,000). Obviously that’s not all upfront you’ll be booking vendors and buying things periodically up until your wedding, so it will kind of be like financing.

Your top three expenses will be 1. venue/catering/rentals, 2. jewelry, and 3. wedding photography and/or wedding videography. Of your hypothetical $20,000 dollar budget these three expenses will (on average) add up to 3/4 of your budget ($15,000). Wow, that money went flying out the window quickly, didn’t it? And you still have to buy your wedding dress, tuxedos/suits, decorations, etc.

So how do you save money? Do you haggle? Barter? Or hope for a great deal? Well the prices of venues are set. The price of catering depends on the supply and demand of food. Jewelry, no matter how many sales you see, make no mistake it holds a steady price on any ring. Photography and videography you can typically haggle right? Depends on the vendor. Some are in such demand that they don’t even need to offer off season deals. And nobody wants to take the risk on hiring a weekend wedding photographer and wedding videographer, that’s risky. So are there any solutions?

wedding-bellsYes, Wedding Bells Media! We handle your wedding photography, wedding videography, and wedding websites. We are with you every step of the way throughout the process and we do all this in a way so you can get the most bang for your buck. You want just photography? We can do that. Have your photographer already, but want a wedding video? We can do that! Need an easier way to communicate with your guests? We can do that with a website. Want us to handle all your media needs? We have package deals that offer savings. Want us to cook you a hot dog? Well…. that’s a strange request, but I’ll let you know the next time we have a cook out.

Julie's PrepThe fact is our brides and grooms save with us versus going with our competitors. And no, you are not sacrificing quality. Don’t believe us? Go check out their rates/portfolios and then come back and compare for yourself.  We have our own equipment and all work is done in house, though we do have a selection of photographers for you to choose from. In short we offer cost effective rates with the option of packaging our services to save you more money. Everything we do is to give you the most bang for your buck when it comes to your wedding media.

So what do you think? Could you save money with us? Or better yet, if you have already had your wedding, first off congratulations! And secondly could you have saved money with us? Let us know in the comments and of course if you have any questions, you can always contact us directly.

Thanks guys!

– Joshua Smith