Kristen and Brian

Well hello there! We often receive questions about how are wedding video process works. Specifically relating to how we operate on your big day. These questions range from how many camera man we bring to how early and how late we will stay. While all these vary depending on which package you choose, we can give you a summary of how our day flows the day of your wedding. Here at Wedding Bells Media there are three parts to shooting your wedding video.Prep

Part 1 – The prep

Besides talking with you on the phone and meeting in person numerous times to discover what you want captured for your big day, we also put in a lot of leg work for the prep. The few days leading up to your wedding we are double checking equipment, making sure every camera man knows the itinerary of your wedding day, and making contact with your photographer and DJ, so that way all the vendors are working together to make your big day a success.


Part 2 – The Shooting

Just like you, we can’t wait to get started on your big day. The atmosphere of a wedding is something that we never tire of. The joy, excitement, anticipation, it’s all so grand and wonderful. We typically will arrive to shoot your prep of both the bride and groom. We will cover anything you want; typically it’s shooting your makeup being applied, the groom and bride having fun with their side of the bridal party, even interviews if you want, and of course the bride in her dress. After Prep it’s typically to the ceremony. We typically set up for about an hour while we send one camera to shoot the venue of the ceremony. Of course then we shoot the ceremony, the length of the ceremony is not a problem for us. After the ceremony, we break down, and head over to the reception. We shoot all the big traditions. First dances, bouqitte toss, garter throw, toasts, and if have anything else, we will cover it. After all the traditions we will shoot some dancing and wrap up the night.


Part 3 – The Delivery

This is the most time consuming part for us. After the prep and the shooting, we still have to edit all that 12 hours of footage on 3 different cameras into a story of your whole day that is understandable as well as captures the likeness of your day. This process depending on the package can take anywhere from a 1 month to 3 months. We like to make sure we do it right, and our work load creates the variations.

Here at Wedding Bells Media our goal is to create a wedding video for you that you and your other half will enjoy for a life time. And while there are many details not listed in this short blog post, you can rest easy, because we are talented and experienced.

Our goal when it comes to shooting your big day is to capture the purest happiest moments of joy.